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I never thought there'd be anything more refreshing than downing an ice-cold glass of milk after a long day – until I discovered Ayran. Bekaa, you rock my world.
David - Stanhope Gardens, NSW
My neighbour introduced me to the Shanklish one night at her place. It makes the most amazing dip! Whenever I serve it, everyone wants to know what it is and where they can get it. And so easy to prepare.
Veronica C. - Beronia Park, NSW

I love the freshness and sharp taste of the Natural Set Yoghurt, it melts in my mouth
Tony - Hunters Hill, NSW

Being a full-time mum, it's hard sometimes to think up new recipes that are healthy, tasty AND entertaining for the kids. Ultimate Dairies and Bekaa fulfils these criteria (and more). I'm especially a fan of the Bekaa Natural Set Yoghurt – it's a great substitute for sour cream (or on its own drizzled with honey), and the Ultimate Dairies Rice Pudding is everything you could ever want in a dessert (and more). Honestly the best Rice Pudding I have ever tasted, and probably the healthiest too.
Vicky - Five Dock, NSW
We discovered Bekaa Diary Products a few years ago when we were looking for something different to have on Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine. Bekaa products are one of the best my wife and I have had; we both enjoy the Lebneh and Shanklish. The Shanklish we enjoy as a dip with savory biscuits and white wine, we have served this to good friends of ours and they are converted as well. Lebneh we use as a spread and a dip, which is very enjoyable product.
Both my wife and I would recommend all the products from Bekaa Diary Products so you can "Taste the Difference".
Bruce and Sharon - Sydney, NSW
I never thought there'd be anything more refreshing than downing an ice-cold glass of milk after a long day – until I discovered Ayran. Bekaa, you rock my world.
David - Stanhope Gardens, NSW
Ultimate Dairies and Bekaa, you've made my life so much easier with your Fetta and Olive dip and your Labni. The versatility of the Labni is sensational – this product is awesome and is a great substitute for sour cream for the healthy conscious like me. Add this to pumpkin soup, Mexican dishes like nachos, or create your own savoury dips. The Fetta and Olive Dip is so creamy and, smooth and is great on bruschetta with a drizzle of olive oil, or in stuffed mushrooms as an alternative to cream cheese . So often today products have a list of ingredients and additives that only a scientist or chemist would understand. I'm so glad I've discovered Ultimate Dairies that only use natural ingredients. Ultimate Dairies, you make eating not only pleasurable, but worry-free and guilt-free. I love your products.
Reece - Lidcombe, NSW
Bekaa I tried your Fetta & Olive dip & Labni dip at a friends place and haven't looked back since. When ever i have friends around for drinks or a BBQ, the first thing that comes out are your dips, & i might add its the first thing that disappears off the table!! They are so creamy and refreshing not to mention "HEALTHY" and versatile.
I can't believe the ingredient list, it seems impossible to have only 2-3 ingredients in your products and yet taste so delicious - "AH" yes that is why they are so delicious because they don't have the so called no additives, no preservatives, numbers and colours etc. All my friends are converted & beg me to buy your products for them as they don't sell them in the areas they live. Would love to see Bekaa products in my Woolies store. Keep coming out with great new lines, you will certainly have me & my friends as loyal customers, we just Loooooove your products.
Maria - Top Ryde, NSW